As a writer

To make a long story short, after late March 2015, I feel deeply as if relatively enough time advanced more quickly but steadily to brush up some kind of factual knowledge about Japan's historical artifacts and life as a result of the globalization of some types of cultural structure several times, which definitely seems to carry connotations of some of the reasons for launching a series of tweets.

Looking over some of Japanese philosophers in the early 20th century, they spilt a large number of drops of ink on certain parts of the topics of the series of tweets, so things seemed to go well except for the proper relations between those topics and contemporary affairs, life and culture.

Although the level of comparative research on Japanese aesthetics in those days still seems to merit admiration today, some matters of history have been undergoing a paradigm shift in understanding some of the historical records once and again, which often suggests giving logical inference to the relations among them lies on the horizon.