How to set up Bluetooth PAN on Fedora 10

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In the beginning I referred to and

I'd like to express my appreciation to the web sites mentioned above.

Now I am writing this article intended for users who can set up Bluetooth PAN on Windows though this is the first time that they set up Bluetooth PAN on Fedora 10.

1. You will need to make ifcfg-bnep0.

$ su
# vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bnep0

2. You will need to make according to your convenience for connecting Bluetooth PAN.

# vi
   modprobe bnep
   pand --connect 00:00:00:00:00:00
   # Put the MAC address of your bluetooth device,
   # such as a pocket PC or a smart phone,
   # into 00:00:00:00:00:00.
   ifconfig bnep0
   ifup bnep0
# chmod a+x

3. You will need to open the Internet Sharing Connection after pairing the bluetooth device, such as a pocket PC or a smart phone, with your Laptop PC. Regarding pairing, see other useful web sites.

4. You will need to go to System -> Administration -> Network, double click on the bnep0, set the bnep0 to start on boot, quit Network Configuration and reboot.

5. Execute

$ su
# ./

When I executed twice, I could connect Bluetooth PAN on Fedora 10.

Finally, I will be happy to assist you in setting up Bluetooth PAN on Fedora 10.




Hi... unfornately I use FC8, I've follow your step... but when I try on my terminal...
[root@laptop ~]# pand
-bash: pand: command not found
[root@laptop ~]# yum list bluez-pad
Error: No matching Packages to list
what sould I do??? can U help me to resolv this???
any way thanks...

Hello. You might need to install Bluetooth utilities, such as

This is because when I checked that
# rpm -qf /usr/bin/pand,
the message shows

If you use GUI, you might need to go to System -> Administration -> Add/Remove Software, look up bluez in a search box and install

If you use CUI, you might need to type
# yum install bluez
in your console.

I hope it will go well.

weel I've try your advice...
but I good this...
[root@laptop ~]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/pand
error: file /usr/bin/pand: No such file or directory
[root@laptop ~]# /sbin/pand
-bash: /sbin/pand: No such file or directory
[root@laptop ~]# /bin/pand
-bash: /bin/pand: No such file or directory
[root@laptop ~]# /usr/bin/pand
-bash: /usr/bin/pand: No such file or directory
[root@laptop ~]# /usr/sbin/pand
-bash: /usr/sbin/pand: No such file or directory
[root@laptop ~]# find /sbin/ -iname 'pand'
[root@laptop ~]# find /bin/ -iname 'pand'
[root@laptop ~]# find /usr/ -iname 'pand'
[root@laptop ~]# rpm -qa|grep bluez

there is another way to use PAN on my FC8 ??? or can you tell me how I can get [/usr/bin/pand] ??? or did I must compile it self ???

any way thanks for your respon...


bluez-utils-3.20-4.fc8.i386.rpm includes
/etc/rc.d/init.d/pand and /usr/bin/pand.

So you might need to go to http://download.
/bluez-utils-3.20-4.fc8.i386.rpm and download bluez-utils-3.20-4.fc8.i386.rpm file.

After that,
# rpm -ivh bluez-utils-3.20-4.fc8.i386.rpm

I hope it will go well.


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